Hypertension Food Borne Illness?

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Wasted Steps

Crutches last time with gout
Crutches last time with gout

When we learn to walk at a young age we tend to take it for granted as we get the opportunity to run, play, and walk everywhere. All the action that is required is to stand up and place one foot in front of the other. So simple yet we had to learn to recruit all those muscles in the body to stand and walk in coordination with the mind, eyes, and ears. The human body is an amazing machine that can adapt to almost anything.


I suddenly realized how many wasted steps we take everyday with last years bout with gout in one of my knees. I had to plan each and every movement to minimize the pain and the motion of my joints. Why had taken all of this for granted, like going to the bathroom, getting to the shower, going to the kitchen for a glass of water, getting something to eat, getting the mail, driving (which I wasn’t able to do), and then returning to bed or my easy chair to prop my leg back up with some ice or heat. This one lasted for a full week, it made me appreciate the ability to walk and move. I was mentally exhausted with all the planning not to mention the pain, stiffness, and redness.

What it really made me think about, was how handicapped or disabled people must feel and how mentally exhausting it must be to try to plan each and ever movement just to be mobile. How they must rely on family and so many local services, transportation, meals on wheels, and the winter where I am located can be brutal for 3 to 4 months out of the year. Recently this summer I was on our local bike trail and came across a gentlemen in his wheelchair making his way down the black topped trail in front of me. As I passed the dirt parking lot I could see where he parked and noticed how difficult it must of have been. Getting his wheel chair out of the car, positioning, pulling himself to the chair must have been exhausting. I admired his perseverance, which was very inspiring to say the least and heartbreaking at the same time.

The current company owner I work for has a disability from a virus that affected his spine which happened to him in his early 20’s, he in now in his 60’s and he doesn’t let it slow him down. As we age we run into some of these same limitations which can be physical and of our mind. I also now have an understanding why my older neighbors are so fanatical about there lawns and there homes, I think it is sense of accomplishment due to there age and limited mobility.

As move down this path of mindfulness and minimalism over the last 9 years I have started to see the world in a new light. Slowing down and being present can be a difficult thing to do at times, when you do though the world of appreciation opens up in front of you.

So what are you wasted steps?





How can the enjoyment of making a decision be squashed by indecision? What does indecision cost? Time, Money, Cognitive Brain Power, Stress? If it is a large purchases it seems to do drive this fear of not knowing what might happen in the future. In our case purchasing a car, we already have two automobiles, however the benefit of purchasing a better built vehicle than the one currently own is the challenge. Does it cost more? Perhaps, but the pleasure of driving, the comfort or the ride, the design of the car is driving this decision. Longevity is very important to this process, the body of this particular automobile has been known for looking good for a considerable amount of time, with less maintenance than most American or Japanese vehicles.

Yes it is a Volvo XC60.

Diet Book Chaos


As I or anyone else getting older comes to realize that our diet is a crucial consideration to quality of life and health. It starts by going to the doctor for a cold or flu, then the doctor notices your weight is up from your last visit, your blood pressure has risen out the normal range. Next is I want you to get this blood work done to make sure you don’t have some underlying issues going on for this sudden weight gain or blood pressure issue. As the doctor goes to leave the patient room where you sit in confusion already he then turns to you and he says “By the way watch your diet”. You nod in agreement, although you’re not really sure what you just agreed to, as the fear of what have been told in the appointment starts to set in. The nurse comes to get you and you arrive at the front desk to pay your co-payment or full bill under Obamacare, you schedule the next appointment and then you are given multiple sheets of blood work that must be completed before the next visit. As you reach your car you realize you have forgotten to ask any questions. The thought that enters your mind to put yourself at ease is one that everyone has, I’ll write my questions down to ask at the next appointment. This almost never happens!

The next appointment comes, you may remember some questions to ask but more than likely you forget as you are overwhelmed by all the data the doctor is presenting you from your test results and he immediately thinks you need to be put on Cholesterol lowing drugs, thyroid medication, or blood pressure medication, etc. the list goes on and on. You think, wait I am only 25 years old? Oddly, after dropping this bomb here is your scripts, and he is off to the next patient. The nurse comes and gets you, and the process repeats other than what pharmacy would you like to use question arises for the prescriptions to be called into. You again leave the doctor’s office with a fist full of paperwork, get to the car and wait I have questions that I forgot to ask. WTF.

Some people will just follow through and go to the pharmacy, others will question what the doctor said and some will actually call the doctors office back and request to see a dietitian in which he or she, will try to fit you into a one size fits all program. Some will go online to discover all the information about there conditions. Which will turn into an avalanche of information on health, drugs, diet, forums, Facebook, Twitter, websites selling medical advice based on supplements, online doctors selling their advice. It’s no wonder why we have difficulty making a good decision based on what our doctors prescribe, because it’s all noise. Our system is set up to fail the patient!

I fall into the latter, which is to control health through diet, exercise and a clean environment to which I work. Why? Because in 2005 I had the opportunity to work with an Ear Nose Throat specialist, who took the time to discuss your conditions with you every time you were in the office, up to an hour of time. What I found out from all those visits, diet is crucial, diet is what cured my thyroid or least put my hypothyroidism in remission all these years. In my case Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and Corn Free was the answer, however this doesn’t mean you can excessively eat the alternative like GF & DF Cakes, Bread, Cookies, etc. without repercussions. Most of these foods have high amounts of sugars and fats, that offer very dense calories and leave you wanting more.

Diet Book Chaos Theory

I have read a great many books on diet, from Dangerous GrainsBullet Proof DietEat Right For Your Blood TypeHashimoto’s ProtocolJennifer’s Way, My journey with celiac diseaseThe China StudyThe Whole Foods DietThe TNT DietThe Men’s Health Big Book of Exercise, The Plant Paradox, Dr. Grundy’s Diet Evolution, Eat To Beat High Blood Pressure, Beating Gout, etc. the list goes on and on, looks to be about 19 books in total. They all, yes they all say something slightly different, however they all say something slightly the same.

Your quality of life and health is directly connected to what you eat! Your environment you live in, some of your genetics, where you work, and the exercise you do or don’t do will affect your life, long term. Searching and finding what works for you is a full time job day in and day out….

Act! Monitor Issues Parallels 13.2.0


I am running Windows 10 Pro in Parallels 13.2.0 on my MacBook Pro 15” Late 2013 16GB, allocating 8GB to Parallels with a Dell 2560×1440 U2514H monitor using my thunderbolt to display port on the monitor.

I am thinking I finally have a fix for the issues I have been having with Act! Version 20 looking fuzzy with double text or pixelated text issues for over 3 months. With other users with a Mac or perhaps a higher resolution monitor, this may help.

While all other Microsoft apps work perfectly on my Dell 2560×1440 U2514H monitor, Act! has always been fuzzy. With the Windows 10 creators update offered some features that allow for resolution adjustment for the older legacy apps like Act! with higher resolution monitors. It has taken me sometime to find the location and have turned on this ability.

I was going to go to the eye doctor to get my eyes checked until I showed my wife how bad it was this weekend, she agreed and was surprised Act! didn’t have a fix.

See attached pictures to see my settings:

1. Act! Parallels 13.2.2 Blurry Text Fix Windows 10 Version, shows what update I am on.

Windows 10 Ver I am currently on.
Windows 10 Ver I am currently on.

2. Act! Parallels 13.2.3 Blurry Text Fix Windows 10 Display Settings.

My Display settings in windows 10.
My Display settings in windows 10.

3. Act! Parallels 13.2.3 Blurry Text Fix Windows 10

Parallels 13.2.0 settings in Windows 10
Parallels 13.2.0 settings in Windows 10

4. Act! Parallels 13.2.3 Blurry Text Fix Settings, this where the magic happens.

Properties settings Act! exe file.
Properties settings Act! exe file.

a.     Right-click on Act! Premium.exe, choose Properties from menu.

b.     Go to Compatibility tab

c.     Check the box: Override high DPI scaling behavior. Scaling performed by:

d.     Make sure ‘Application’ is in the dropdown, but it was default for me.

Hopefully this can help someone else.

Finding a Markdown Journalling App


I have been trying to determine what a good journaling app would consist of for me. With some additional capabilities that Day One doesn’t provide. I really wish I could find one without a subscription, in my search I find IA Writer to be very acceptable other than Textexpander is a missing option in iOS with an attached keyboard. What I find that works for me is Ulysses, it seems to be the best all-around app that covers a broad range of bases, with a disappointing subscription business model.

So what I have tried to do is put a list together of what works and what doesn’t for me in my workflow in hopes that this may help someone else.

Here are my prerequisites for a Markdown Journaling App:

  1. Must be a markdown editor that can sync across Mac and iOS, password protection.
  2. I want the ability to export HTML and CSS into separate files or folders, for my current website.
  3. I am in the process of moving my website to a WordPress site, so it must be able to export directly.
  4. I want the ability to export HTML with dragged or dropped images within the document in case I want to keep my current website.
  5. Must be able to work with TextExpander.
  6. Must have good keyboard shortcut options in Mac and iOS, although I know TextExpander can work around this issue, in some apps.

IA Writer

Subscription: Not currently.

IA Writer is one of the most basic markdown editors, but more advanced then Byword on the Mac, iPad, & iPhone. I do like the shortcuts keys that are available. I have to upload my pictures to my website server in order to use them otherwise the picture that I drag and drop will not be exported to HTML, (WordPress drag and drop works perfectly though if you have a WordPress site) this however only provides a link, not the actual image. No CSS either very generic type of a writing app that will write Markdown.

  • PRO Digital keyboard TextExpander integration in iOS, although not in the external iPad Pro Apple Smart Keyboard, however on the Mac it works perfectly.
  • PRO This app is great for generic writing, with no images, although you can add inline images.
  • PRO It also has great shortcut key options on Mac and iOS.
  • PRO Will export to a WordPress site, I like how it is sent as a draft when publishing, which causes an extra step. Where Byword publishes directly to your site without the draft.
  • CON No tags although this can be resolved by writing tags in a comments section in Markdown that will show up in the HTML.
  • CON Exports inline photos in iOS in PDF format only, nothing in HTML, Markdown, Microsoft Word.

IA Writer Images:

  • PRO However I can use an image folder for my website to link to this picture, just like most sites. So I could just upload all the pictures I want to link to because it is going to my website after all.
  • PRO I am currently working on a free WordPress site, once signed in I can export to my blog and everything gets exported, including all images.
  • CON The iPad Pro 10.5 IA Writer, has to be a linked photo from my current website server where the image resides so that it can be exported to HTML. If however the image is inserted from the photos app, it doesn’t get exported with the HTML.
  • CON Tried a shared Dropbox linked picture, however, can’t use the link.

Day One:

Subscription: $35/Annually

I like the capabilities of Day One although I don’t like the subscription model. I am uncertain of the security and I feel like I am renting the app. I like having it on all my devices, but at $35 annually, does it make sense for me for what little writing I am doing? In December I have already decided this option is not good for what I want to do anymore.

  • PRO Digital keyboard TextExpander integration in iOS, although not in the external iPad Pro Smart Keyboard, however on the Mac it works perfectly.
  • CON Tags come along with the text when exporting to HTML which is really annoying.
  • CON Creates a version of CSS when writing in Markdown and exporting to HTML, which requires a lot of editing before moving to Textastic to upload to my current site.
  • CON No ability to upload to a WordPress site.


Subscription: $15/Annually or $1.49/Month

I like the Bear Writing Markdown app too, it syncs with my devices and it only costs $15 annually. The tags are a bit odd in this app though, compared to Day One 2 and Ulysses, it just seems odd that a hashtag determines the location of your article rather than a folder. Although I haven’t tried reusing them in a new journal entry to see how they work. In Bear I have to upload my pictures to my server in order to use them otherwise the picture that I drag and drop will not be exported to HTML, this however only provides a link, not the actual image. One thing Bear does that IA Writer does not do is retain or add CSS in the form of the Style tags within the HTML, therefore, retaining the styling. Which is troublesome when using a Bootstrap built website. If I drag and drop an image into in iOS 11, it works while exporting to HTML, that’s great however for some reason it keeps flipping the image upside down during the export. This was an Air Dropped image through from the iPhone, to my Mac However when I duplicated it in Mac preview app it came out fine. I am using export via .jpg, not the new format .heif, .heic. So I don’t think that could be the reason.

  • PRO TextExpander integration Mac and iOS integration. However this “Does Work” with external iPad Pro Smart Keyboard. The only thing I notice that appears to be a bug is when you use the keyboard too (⌘ + Z) undo the last import it somehow doubles what was just inserted. To delete you have to select all the text and then delete.
  • PRO Will create generic markdown without pictures and separates CSS to a separate folder.
  • PRO Has great shortcut key options as well, on the Mac and in iOS.
  • PRO I can underline text using the typical ⌘+U command.
  • PRO Gives the ability to create a couple of shortcuts to “Open Bear New Window” and “Create New Note”.
  • CON Will do an export of HTML generic as well, however, Bear applies styles tag in HTML which isn’t what I was hoping for, now I have open it in Textastic and edit the HTML to remove the tags. Side note: the hash tags can be set within the app “not to export” apparently this doesn’t work at all.
  • CON Any Hash Tags also export with the text which is really annoying and not wanted in my HTML. This can be resolved by writing tags in a comments section in Markdown so it works in the HTML.
  • CON No preview…. WTF? On the Mac I have to purchase the Marked 2 app I need to use in order to see the preview, really?
  • CON No ability to upload to a WordPress site. That I am currently aware of at this point.

Bear Images:

  • PRO However I can use an image folder for my website to link to this picture. So I could just upload all the pictures I want to link to because it is going to my website after all.
  • PRO PDF and Word files work on the export side of things.
  • CON The iPad Pro 10.5 Bear App, has to be a linked photo from the internet so that it can be exported to HTML. If the image is inserted from the photos app, it doesn’t get exported with the HTML.
  • CON Tried a shared Dropbox linked picture, however, can’t use the link.


Subscription: $40/Annually or $4.99/Month

In Ulysses, it works with everything so far that I can throw at it. I really really like the capabilities of Ulysses although I don’t like the subscription model. I feel like I am still renting the app, I like having it on all my devices though, but at $40 annually, does it make sense for me for what little writing I am doing? The keywords are

  • PRO Digital Keyboard TextExpander integration in iOS and this“Does Work” with external iPad Pro Smart Keyboard. works perfectly on the Mac. The only thing I ran into was no shortcut keys for Headers (See below Mac Detail). So I just created Textexpander snippets to resolve this oversight which works on the Mac and iOS. When using the (⌘+Z) to undo the Textexpander expansion in iOS, you have to use it twice in order for the undo, for what was just inserted. Which isn’t a big deal, I am just happy it works so well with the Apple Smart Keyboard.
Textexpander Ulysses Workaround
Textexpander iOS 11 Ulysses Workaround
  • PRO Shortcut Mac Under preferences in the Markup selection you can add your own shortcuts see images below, in my case I am using the Markdown XL version. I wish the shortcuts would sync with iOS.
Mac Ulysses Shortcut Key Prefrences #1
Mac Ulysses Shortcut Key Preferences #1
Mac Ulysses Shortcut Key Prefrences #2
Mac Ulysses Shortcut Key Preferences #2
  • PRO Will do generic markdown without pictures and CSS.
  • PRO When exporting HTML, the CSS ends up in its own folder and it can be easily separated from the Index .html.
  • PRO When exporting HTML Dragged in images come along, Bear iOS does not have this ability.
  • PRO Search and replace feature, missing in Bear iOS.
  • PRO preview mode shortcut key on the iPad Pro, ⌘+ 6. On the Mac, it is a simple ⌘⇧+P to show a preview. Where IA Writer has a preview mode, by simply pressing ⌘+R.
  • PRO I really like that I can add attachments like keywords that are like a tag when writing this helps me with the theme I am working on.
  • PRO Attach notes on what I may have been researching at the time or thinking as I wrote, like a scratch pad of sorts.
  • PRO Attach a goal to my writing, to keep me aware of time and number of words.
  • PRO Works on a free Word Press site, once signed in I can export to my blog and everything gets exported, including pictures. I like that upon export you can add tags, categories, draft or published, select an image header, and schedule a time to upload.
  • CON Shortcuts in iOS, although there are a great many others that work well, just not the ones I would use writing. I was hoping to find a way to set them like I did on the Mac. Here is a link to Shortcut iOS keys.
  • CON Exporting to HTML from on the iPad creates a ZIP file? This contains the index.html, images, and a CSS folder. I find that I can unpack this with Textastic in iOS 11 and preview the blog before uploading to my personal site. Although I do have to edit some of the HTML by copying and pasting.

Local Images:

Inserting an image into the text will be exported via a zip file. If using however you are using a WordPress site the images or attachments will be exported to the site without having to do anything additional.


I am still torn between IA Writer and Ulysses. Although I have to admit something just feels right about Ulysses right now. As I have mentioned I eliminated my subscription to Day One 2 and have decided to give Ulysses a try as a monthly subscription for the next serval months. I know IA Writer will be making some big changes in the next month or two, per there newsletter.


Yesterday I was confronted with an interesting dilemma. I recently had been to the local bike store here about a week ago to pick up a new bag for my 2010 Trek 7.5 Fx which I just love. As I entered the store I found it hard to resist looking around the store at the new bicycles, as I recently I started riding again. I was drawn in by the new designs and the slick Matte finishes on the bikes, I had saved my allowance for a couple of weeks, to force myself to keep from overspending as I can easily do. I spent more than an hour in the store looking at the new equipment, and the more time I spent the more I came to the realization that I absolutely love my current bike. I purchased my additional bag for my phone, wallet, and keys for those rides near the house and left without giving the bikes I had seen a second thought.

As I mentioned when I entered the store yesterday, I needed a bike beam for the women bike that my wife has so I can easily put the bike on the bike rack that’s on the Volvo S80. I was again confronted with this dilemma of looking around the store and now talking a couple of the salespeople in the store and I tried to find the part I needed and leave. This time, however, I saw another appealing bike, the cross rip 2. I purchased my part and left the store and returned to the car to look up the price on the bike. As I did so my wife watched and said: “You are never satisfied are you?”

I looked at her and thought, is this correct? Is this why human beings build things, buy things, develop things, is that we are never satisfied? Or is this what we call progress? Or is that when we were young we have been so heavily advertised too that it has had psychology impact over the 47 years we have been alive that this is our “trained” response?

When I returned home later that evening, I found myself spending several hours looking at bikes, the iPad, iPhone are perfect consumption devices. I even found myself having a hard to sleeping last night thinking about what the purchase would feel like, the ram handlebars, with there slick padding, the disc brake system, the seat, the finish, and you guessed it the looks I might get from people as I road this bike around. I did get emotionally excited about the idea of having the bike, then I a fell asleep and today as I write this I have no desire for the bike.


Why? look at the time I wasted last night, 2 or more hours not paying attention to my wife, our pet beagle, and then losing about 2 or 3 hours of sleep. To come to the conclusion that my 2010 Trek 7.5 Fx I love is still the perfect bike I chose in 2010.

Hypothyroid No Gluten and No Casein Protein Diet #5


The healing is beginning

As the end of 2007 was upon us I was still seeing the ENT when he said, you know I have seen for two years and we are making progress. However I know sometimes I miss things, with your next appointment see one of the other doctors here and see if they see something I missed. I was really shocked, a doctor who wasn’t arrogant. So I reluctantly I agreed to see Dr. Lewis, it was the best thing I could have done.

I saw the new doctor in early September 2007, we went over my recent blood work and he was really worried about my heart with Triglyceride being so high at 2,436, so he ordered a heart sonogram, which showed the one wall of the heart thickening. Then he had a brilliant insight that has put me on this path with my diet for a great many years. He said “You know I had a patient about 9 months or so ago with a similar issue, to your Triglycerides. His previous doctor put him on a strict “Gluten Free Diet.” I said ok, what the hell is that? He gave me the diet plan they had printed at the office, I reviewed it with him and he said to stick to it the best you can for the next 4 weeks. Then we can retest blood work to see if anything changed.

He was on track my Triglycerides dropped from 2,436 to 1,199. I started to feel little better, so I continued the diet. I was supposed to see him a 3rd time by the end of 2007, however, I decided to wait until January 2008, money was tight at that time. I waited to long he left the practice, so I went to see Dr. Kerry in late February of 2008 doing another round of blood work at the time.

The blood test results showed my Hypothyroidism was getting better, my autoimmune antibodies TPO and TAA were dropping and my TSH level was very close to 0 which indicated I was closer Hyperthyroidism starting and he needed to reduce the dosage. By the time late March or early April rolled around I was taken completely off the Synthroid.

He said we could test for Celiac Disease, however, the blood test results would likely be negative and those tests aren’t as accurate anyway, but I want a firm diagnosis. I shrugged my shoulders and didn’t really care, all I knew is that I was getting better on the diet and after about 4 months didn’t want to stop. In order to get that firm diagnosis, I needed to get a test done from a company in Texas called Enterolabs which was $400 dollars at the time, so I put it off until September 2008. It was explained to me that for up to two years after being on the diet, the fecal test could detect autoimmune activity.

See my test results below:

Enterolabs Test Results 2008
Enterolabs Test Results 2008

When I received the results showing that I had an Autoimmune issue with Gluten and Dairy, in this case, the Casein Protein in Dairy. At the time I was still eating dairy and once I removed that, within about 48 to 72 hours all the joint pain I had been having for years just completely stopped. I was amazed and have never looked back, I have stuck to the diet over the years and my Thyroid has remained normal.

I truly hope someone reads my story and hope it can help them get a much better diagnosis.

Hypothyroid No Gluten and No Casein Protein Diet #4


Learning Something New

I stopped by the local ENT to pick up my serum, as I entered the area where you pick up the serum an argument was in process between a nurse and a patient. Apparently, this ENT used a preservative in the allergy serum, where another ENT did not. This patient had a major reaction and extremely frustrated and downright mad to find out that this was used. The patient left in a huff, I picked up my serum from another nurse and asked the nurse that was arguing with the patient, what ENT doctor was he going to before this one? She said “Dr. Roy Kerry” but said it in such a way that, my curiosity peaked. She said, “We just don’t practice medicine like he does.” When I left I looked this ENT up, he was located in Greenville, PA at the time. I called and made an appointment, which was out about 6 weeks.

Setting the appointment with Dr. Kerry was unusual, first, you called the doctor office set up an appointment with transcriptionist. She set an appointment for her to call you where you would give her your medical and work history from birth. Including, dentist, eye examines, chemical exposures, chiropractic care, where you worked, materials you were involved with, everything. I found this extremely odd, wouldn’t the transferred medical records support these same details? Apparently, this was a major flaw in our medical system these are sometimes less detailed and misplaced very often. You should always have a copy of your medical records, get every copy of the test, discussion you have with your doctor, everything. I have mine electronically now, I use an app called “My Medical” which allows me to store everything I need.

My first visit to Dr. Kerry’s (ENT) office was like stepping back in time to the 70’s, his office still had paneling, shag carpet on the floor, and the walls. The waiting room had magazine racks that were chock full of information regarding allergies, chemical sensitives, thyroid information, nutritional deficiencies, hearing information, most of this information was in binders. One very odd noticeable thing was that every patient was talking to each other about something they had just learned. This was very strange as most doctor offices it’s eerily quiet where you might hear the nurse bellowing out orders to other nurses or patients.

Each patient room had a type of dentist chair in the middle of the room, off to one side more magazine racks with binders with the latest information he was using in his practice. A bench seat matching the color of the room, on the right of the room, was a chair on wheels with a desk for the doctor to write on. Above the desk were a series gauze, band-aids, tongue depressors, Q-tips, and vials to test various types of biofeedback called BioSet which I will discuss later. On the wall next to the door was a series of light switches which when turned on would indicate that he was with a patient or was done with a patient, this told the nurses when he was ready to head to the next patient.

When I met Dr. Kerry, he introduced himself and starting going over what I was taking which incidentally there was a form he gave all his patients to fill out when you arrived at his office. The details to this form were critical, the reason was simple he was only with you for a half to an hour you are with you all the time if you give the details as to what you are taking, and why it made is life easier along with a more accurate visit. My first visit with him lasted about 2 hours, I did a self-toxicity test upon my arrival which was about two pages long. When I met Dr. Kerry I explained the reason I was there with regards to the allergy shots and understood he had a better solution for the shots. He explained that he did and would like to proceed with allergy testing once again. I said that I had already had the testing and really did not care to test again. He then better clarified why apparently when the serum is made along with testing he felt some doctors used to many preservatives which can cause false positives when testing and additional problems with the way the patient reacts. Dr. Kerry felt that this may be causing some of the dizziness along with some of the medications I was taking. Like he said though let’s peel the onion one layer at a time and find the answer together. Which for the first time with any doctor, I went too, he was actually trying to find the answer not just give me a pill and send me on my way. We then set up the next appointment for the allergy testing.

The allergy testing went very well no major reactions like at the other ENT’s office, keeping in mind the allergist was very pretty which made things easier and uncomfortable at the same time. She was going to mix the serum up and call me when it would be ready. I started administering the shots again no noticeable difference as it is supposed to take time. I kept seeing Dr. Kerry once or twice a month during the process he made some adjustments to my current Synthroid, he had many videos I on the thyroid, chemical sensitivities, in which I watched many.

On one visit in the beginning of May 2005, he had Janie test me using BioSet which I thought was voodoo magic or something like that, keeping in mind I had never ever been to or see what Chiropractor did so this was way off in left field for me. My basic understanding is that every living thing had a biofield of energy like food especially, carrots, broccoli, although man-made foods could have a negative effect on the body. I was very uncomfortable with this process although I eventually bought into it as he actually used it to dial in my Synthroid medication which was uncannily accurate using this method. Dr. Ellen Cutler was the person who developed BioSet and Janie administrated it through testing through a machine was tested your body. It could test the most stressed parts of the body like Main (My Case Dental, Heavy Metals), and Most (Liver Toxicity, Gallbladder, Circulation, Fatty Tissue, Small Intestine).

During the second appointment based on my blood work, we started a series of supplements a Digestion Enzymes from BioSet, Metagenics Ultra Clear Plus, Metagenics Minerals, and Metagenics B Complex. One major change to my Synthroid medication we split the dosage throughout the day three times a day, what a difference this had made. I think I was on 112 mcgs a the time we started with 60 or so in the early morning, then at about 2 or 3:00PM we took 30 mcgs then at 7 or 8:00PM was whatever the difference was for example. This seemed to really help me get through the day better, this would naturally match the way my thyroid would work. This for me was a great breakthrough no one had ever suggested.

Somewhere in the fall of 2005, Dr. Kerry administered a blood withdrawal that was sent you to a lab that compiled what I was biocompatible medical testing. The idea behind this is that certain dental materials that were used by your dentist you could be sensitive to, in my case amalgam filling was one along with many others. However what was so amazing about this test is that when it came back it was about 30 or so pages. It showed not only what I had problems with but it also showed what I was compatible with. Shortly after I received the aforementioned test results Dr. Kerry administered another test done on my amalgam fillings, it was a type of amalgam galvanic electrical resistance test on each tooth that contained one of these fillings. He tested all the fillings breaking the mouth breaking it into up four quadrants, which he determined which once ones had to removed first these were the ones with the highest resistance. Apparently, from my discussion with Dr. Kerry during my visits, the mercury from the amalgam fillings can leak out and interfere with the thyroid function. The mercury ends up blocking the receptor sites for either T4 or T3 which can cause the thyroid to quit functioning properly.

When I made an appointment to see a local Dentist (I still see him today) who deals with people that have sensitivities I was pleasantly surprised. I know no one likes to go to the dentist, me included, but I handed him this booklet on my sensitivities he knew exactly what he needed to do. This showed him again what is compatible with me when using dental fillings, crowns, bridges, posts, and cleanings. From my discussion with him, the reason he had started working with people that had issues with sensitivities to dental fillings and procedures was due to a young girl in her teens. He said he was at a dinner party about three to five years into his dental practice and a woman was talking to my wife at the party. The discussion was about her daughter and she had amalgam fillings done in her mouth in the past week. Apparently, her mouth around her chin and lips had broken out in a strange rash and began to go become painful. She called back the dentist who had done the fillings to discuss this issue and he said to give it another week it will be fine.

Keeping in mind my dentist had just been to a conference on sensitivity issues which still said that amalgam fillings were ok. During the conference, a procedure was being developed to remove amalgam filling which he attended. My dentist said that he would see her just as a second opinion, apparently once he had seen her daughter there had been a lot of swelling around the teeth and gums that were filled more than usual. He prescribed an antibiotic for her to take for the next week and return to have the fillings removed. Once she had returned for her one week appointment the swelling and rash had gotten worse. He then numbed the nerves in the teeth and removed the fillings. He used a composite type material on the new fillings Within about 48 hours he received a call from the mother saying the rash is completely gone along with the swelling. This propelled him into looking at every patient as a possible candidate for sensitivities, reactions, autoimmune or otherwise.

I went to my dentist who specializes in sensitive patients armed with all this data to start the removal process in the first determined quadrant of the mouth, there are four. This was very tedious process having to remove these fillings, then I went to Dr. Kerry’s office immediately following the removal of the first quadrant. Where he started and IV Chelation Therapy, this took about two and half hours to complete. During this process, I rested comfortably in the IV Room, although I did have to start urinating into an orange gallon specimen jug about every half hour. This was part of the testing process, I believe for a total 12 hours too, I had to collect urine and then send out to it analyzed. Upon returning to see the doctor to review the test results I was amazed at the high Nickel, Aluminum, and Mercury from the test. I had to repeat the process two additional times to take care of the whole mouth. I worked in a machine shop for many years around Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Mercury, and apparently, it ended up in my body. As it turned out when this first process was completed I felt like Superman, it was like I could take on the world. Each additional time was the same exact results, I just couldn’t get over the difference. By February or March of 2006, we completed this process on my teeth.

Throughout 2006-2007 we added several dietary supplements, digestive enzymes, vitamin D 15,000 IU/day, Metagenics Ultra Clear Plus one Scoop two a day, Metagenics multimineral supplement two a day, 1,000 mg fish oil, PB 8 two a day, and Arginine Plus one a day. These were adjusted throughout the next two years along with my thyroid medication Synthroid. Along with this was many blood tests to confirm any changes in deficiencies. One of the biggest things he did was taking the Synthroid throughout the day in smaller doses, here is an example: 60 mcg morning, 45 mcg afternoon about 3PM, and half of a 45 mcg which was about 22.5 mcg about 7PM or 8PM. Then I would have an appointment with Dr. Kerry and report back my results. One thing Dr. Kerry always mentioned was that I see you only once every 4 to 5 weeks, I need you as the patient to keep track of everything going on with you and document it for me.

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Hypothyroid No Gluten and No Casein Protein Diet #3


Dealing With The Thyroid

Working with an Endocrinologist can be a difficult thing I worked with 3 or 4 different ones from 2002 to 2005 and had to fire every one of them. One of the problems is they get so indoctrinated in what they do every day I think they miss a lot of solutions although people are people. In this process, they were treating the thyroid, high blood pressure, and triglycerides with medications. One of the largest problems I have had with Endocrinologist and most conventional doctors is the insistence to use medication for the solution to everything. There are times when this may be necessary, however most times I have had no discussion about diet and how it can create some of these problems. They want to send you to a dietitian and quite frankly I think some of them have no clue either how the diet affects your health in ways that are so complex that it is not completely understood. I realize that the doctors I had, maybe were the exception and not the rule but, you would think after the numerous doctors in Erie and Pittsburgh that one of them would want to dig deeper into why things were occurring they way the did. The diet has such an impact on your overall health it is just amazing, however, there are so many foods to try out there people can easily get addicted it’s like a drug.

So one of my many questions to every one of the Endocrinologists I saw was why am I having these symptoms still? I thought the pill they were giving me would cure or solve my problems completely, boy was I naive. Each appointment I would go in with a list and ask “Why?” I was told many times it’s in your head or that’s impossible so I gave it more time thinking maybe they were right it would get better eventually. My mistake was I gave them the benefit of the doubt, which I paid for dearly more times than I can remember, in my quality of life for those many years.

After about another year dealing with this first Endocrinologist finally, I had enough I asked one last time on my next visit and got the same response. I said ok “Your fired and I am not paying for this visit.” “You have no interest in finding the solution, you are interested in just medicating me and that’s it.” This happened with all three of these doctors believe me this was the best thing I could have done. When you’re not getting results always ask why? What I could not completely understand is, they didn’t seem to really pay attention to my questions. It was almost as if they were treating the blood work instead of me the patient.

One doctor suggested that I should return to the ENT as this may be related to an allergy, not the thyroid condition. Which he wasn’t far off, more on that later in the story. I then was tested for allergies the skin prick test on my arm, which swelled up like a pineapple during this testing process and nearly passed out. “Hmm, can you say autoimmune, anyone?” Our next step was to start allergy medication, which made me so drowsy on top of everything else I was doing, I just couldn’t function. The next suggestion from the ENT was allergy shots. What these are supposed to do is desensitize you with small dosages used over a period of time. So I proceeded to start this process, initially, the nurse at the ENT gave me the shots. Which ended being a pain running to the office all the time. So I picked up the serum myself and started giving myself the shots. Several months into the shots I saw no change whatsoever.

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